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Entrust us with your Dropshipping/eCommerce SEO campaign – we have been doing it for over 11 years and during this time we have had the opportunity to successfully work on hundreds of projects.

Internet search engines have become the main place on the internet from which internet users start searching for information about products and services. This type of research is highly trusted by potential customers due to its minimally invasive form and accurate results.



  • Increase valuable traffic to your store.
  • Acquire new shop users and customers.
  • Increase online sales & profits.
  • Gain better brand recognition.



Long-term Effects For Your Company

Website ranking is a long-term process, but it also brings long-term and lasting results. The increase in the visibility of your website is not a short-term result but achieved by systematic actions, it is stable and brings great benefits to your business for a long time. Ranking higher and being on the first page of search results means a steady stream of customers.


Increase Brand Recognition And Trust

A strong brand has a positive effect on the reception of the company by customers. Ranking the website on Google increases the company’s credibility by building its reputation through its presence in search results. Good recognition translates into profits, which are achieved, among others, by reaching a larger group of potential customers.


High-quality Traffic From Google

Achieving high positions in Google translates directly into the influx of new customers. You do not have to wait for someone to recommend you among friends. Customers will find their way to your company themselves. For this reason, website ranking is one of the most effective and cheapest forms of advertising for your company.


Significant Return On Investment

Effective ranking of pages on Google guarantees a significant return on investment. High positions in search results contribute to clicks on links to your website, and therefore a constant influx of potential customers. This means that the money invested in ranking returns with interest!


Advantage Over The Competition

Ranking of websites provides an advantage over the competition. Remember that you are not the only one running a business on the Internet. Apart from your company, there are a number of others that have a similar or identical offer. Catchy advertising slogans or a unique approach to business will not help at this stage. First, someone has to find you to get to know you and see if you are worth recommending. Website ranking and SEO support services will help build your competitive advantage.


Provide Answers To The Needs Of Users

High positions in Google are one thing, your website must also be useful for internet users. Google algorithms are paying more and more attention to the involvement of users on your website. The appropriate content of your website, i.e. engaging and useful content, interesting graphics, or videos, makes users spend more time on it and generate more events. Thus, your website can become an important part of the Internet community.

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SEO Analysis
Basic Keyword Research
1 SEO Friendly Articles (500 words)
100+ Backlinks
Monthly Summary


SEO Analysis
Basic Optimization
Keyword Research
3 SEO Friendly Articles (500 words)
500+ Backlinks
Monthly Summary


SEO Analysis
Technical Optimization
Advanced Keyword Research
6 SEO Friendly Articles (500 words)
20 Positive Online Reviews
700+ Backlinks
Monthly Summary

Frequestly Asked Questions

In the beginning, we require, access to your website and to the server on which the website or store is located. If you already have access to Google Search Console and Google Analytics, provide us with access to the data.

Ranking of websites is a process that is spread over time and is focused on long-term effects. What does this methodology result from? Performing an audit and implementing recommendations are just a few stages of SEO. Then you should observe changes in visibility and make ongoing corrections, often we have to wait for the effects of the implemented changes for up to several months.

In addition, it is important to remember that search engine algorithms are constantly changing. For this reason, modern SEO requires constant analyzes, changes, implementations, and monitoring.

Do we have to mention that your competition is awake and also ranking their website? If you miss a moment, your competition will overtake your website’s visibility in the search engine, and it may take several years to catch up.

There is no limit to the words you can rank your site for. It all depends on the subject and industry in which you operate. Depending on the products or services offered, your potential customers can perform an almost unlimited combination of searches (it all depends on what they enter in the search engine). Our practice shows that, as a rule, it is from several dozen to several hundred phrases that can describe one product. Therefore, when working on your website SEO, we try to match it with as many keywords as possible that users enter in Google.

Yes, we send our clients several types of reports, including a report on the work carried out, a report on the website’s visibility in the Google search engine, or a report on the analysis of keywords. SEO reports are sent periodically.

We care about the transparency and reliability of our activities, and thanks to the information sent, we can quickly respond to our clients’ suggestions and verify the effectiveness of our work.

Changes related to the appearance of the website happen very rarely. Most often, the changes that we want to implement on the website are related to the editing of current or publication of new content. We also recommend expanding or changing the current link structure, and this sometimes involves a change in navigation. These changes are aimed at making it easier for Google robots and users to navigate the website and find the most important content more easily. We do not introduce changes without your consent, so you do not have to worry that we will do something without your knowledge. Our specialists will inform you about our ideas and recommendations.

We hear this question very often during the first conversations because most people who want SEO services depend on quick results. Our optimization work on websites is a process and, unfortunately, the effects may appear at different intervals, and their development requires appropriate work and resources.

In addition, the time needed to achieve the first results depends on many factors, including the competitiveness of keywords and the industry.

It is impossible to guarantee the effects of SEO. We advise you to beware of companies and freelancers who promise and guarantee results.

Google itself spoke out on this matter. Why can’t the results be guaranteed? The way search engine algorithms work is the most hidden secret of the creators of the search engine.

The biggest advantage of companies offering SEO services is their own knowledge and experience supported by successes. On our part, we make every effort to have the up-to-date knowledge necessary to carry out effective work that will have a positive impact on the visibility of our client's websites. During over 11 years of operation, many companies have trusted us, we have experience in various industries, which allows us to be effective and efficient.

We focus our SEO activities primarily on the Google search engine, which is used by the vast majority of people worldwide. Nevertheless, we notice that our actions also bring positive results in other search engines. Why is this happening? When creating a ranking, search engines take into account similar ranking factors, therefore some optimization changes are universal and affect visibility in other search engines.
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