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SEO copywriting is the art of writing valuable content for websites. Customer-friendly content sells products and pleases search engines. Good quality content will help to improve the visibility of the site in the search results as well as meeting the informational needs of potential customers.

Over the last few years, as Google updates its algorithm, content has become extremely relevant. This algorithm rewards pages that have unique, relevant, and high-quality content. To make your site even more eye-catching to Google and potential customers it is worth supplementing the appropriate text with graphics, videos, or charts.

Our SEO Copywriting service responds to the demand for valuable content. It consists in creating the texts you need, keeping in mind the principles of SEO optimization.

Who Is Our SEO
Copywriting For?

Engaging content on the website is very important, especially for companies in the e-commerce industry. Often, store owners are not aware of the importance of unique content for Google and the position of their store in search results. Perhaps the most common practice that can bring bad results to your store is copying the manufacturer’s description. These descriptions are very often copied across multiple stores and are seen as worthless text by Google. Descriptions on individual product categories and the home page are equally important.

Good copywriting is also extremely important for everyone who runs a blog. Unique content and following the principles of good optimization will allow you to match your texts to key phrases searched by people. Thus, your website can be much more visible in the SERPs.

What We Do.

A good copywriter will make people want to read your content and Google will recognize it as valuable and raise the position of your website.


We match the content with key phrases that are important to your business. We also adapt the style of writing to your concept of communication with clients.

- 02. Engaging

We create text that is friendly to readers – we optimize it and add the right headings to highlight what is most important.

- 03. Unique

We create unique content, we do not copy ready-made text from the Internet. Our writers compose unique content tailored to your needs and goals.

- 04. Correct

In the texts we create, the principles of spelling and punctuation are used. The stylistics are impeccable, repetitions and keyword stuffing are avoided.

What Do You Get?

Our company will guide you through the entire SEO copywriting process. We will start with the selection of relevant and important keywords for your business. On this basis, DropshipDave will create for you the unique content you need. We deal with both their creation and optimization.

If you need articles for your blog, we will help you prepare a list of topics based on previously planned keywords. We will discuss with you the frequency with which you want them to appear on your site. We will adapt to your requirements and propose effective strategies.

We will tell you how long the content should be for it to work best. If you wish, we can enrich the content with photos or infographics.

Importantly – at DropshipDave, we can tailor the text to your target group. So if you have an elegant boutique with suits for adult men, we will not use colloquial phrases or funny graphics in the texts. But if you run a youth store, it doesn’t hurt to have a little youthful style. We know how important brand communication strategies are and we are able to adapt to them.

We will adjust an individual offer exactly to your needs. Copywriting can be part of the entire SEO process we propose or just the only service you order from us. For example, we can prepare only the necessary texts for you, and after your approval, publish them on your website – we are open to the ideas and needs of our clients.

In addition, we are always at your disposal, so we will discuss any possible challenge with you. We will clear up your doubts. We will work with you throughout the process.

Frequestly Asked Questions

You’ve probably heard more than once that “Content is king” – and it is no different in SEO, content plays a significant role. SEO Copywriting is one of the most important elements of the ranking process. It consists of creating unique and valuable content for a website, which is attractive to users and (thanks to appropriate optimization of texts for SEO) increases the visibility of your website based on selected keywords.

These can include content such as:

  • texts posted on the website (e.g. content on the home page, descriptions of categories or products).
  • blog entries.
  • product descriptions.
  • back-end articles (pointing to your site).

Yes, of course – texts should be written primarily with the user in mind, and additionally, with the principles of SEO optimization. Well-optimized content will help increase the visibility of your website, but remember that in the end, the user will convert (download the e-book/book a visit / buy a product) – not Google robots – so make sure that the texts respond to their needs.

A person who deals with SEO Copywriting should, among others:

  • create user-friendly, unique, valuable, and creative content.
  • match texts to relevant keyphrases relevant to your website.
  • take care of linguistic correctness.
  • remember to optimize your content.
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